master data science valencia

Aimed at finance professionals and management controllers. To take this Master you do not need to have previous knowledge of Microsoft Power Platform but you do need to have experience in enterprise reporting environments with Microsoft Excel.

Boost your professional career with Microsoft Power Platform. Collaborate and work as a team to effectively address new challenges with Microsoft Power Platform: analyze data, create solutions and automate processes.

The Master Business Intelligence program in Granada is eminently practical, in which all the technology part will be learned with real data models, with this we guarantee that the learning process is exactly the same as a Business Intelligence implementation in the professional world.

The MBIA of the School of Management of Granada empowers students from cities such as Almeria, Seville, Malaga, Jaen and Cordoba, to grow in the financial field in companies in any sector of activity.

master in data science

Ramón Alberca, CEO of Deimos Estadística participates today as a speaker in the Executive Program in Big Data & Business Analytics (Granada), Master of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) with his lecture “Big Data Analysis for election predictions”.

The Master will study the work done by Deimos, as a way of predicting polls. Baptized as the Deimos Method, it served as a method for estimating the electoral pulse in the 2015 General Elections and the Andalusia Day Survey #28F.

master in applied statistics ugr

Data are becoming the most important asset of companies, but the important thing is not only to have them but to know how to capture and manage them properly to integrate this information efficiently in the marketing actions of the company.

In this master you will learn the process of capturing and exploiting data, and its interpretation for smarter decision making in your digital marketing actions. You will see analysis techniques and the creation of operational dashboards.

He is a regular speaker at prestigious international conferences as well as a professor at the best Business Schools and Universities, and mentor and advisor in entrepreneurship programs such as Startups Mansion in New York or 10 Entrepreneurs in Miami and San Francisco. He also provides customized training in important companies such as Bassat Ogilvy Group, IBM, Microsoft, Pfizer, GREY, Red Cross, BBVA or GSK.

master in data science ugr

Learning Big Data is a great opportunity now that the information has grown so much and is accessible globally in most cases by experts in this sector, new technologies are precisely those that have led to this happening, and continue to develop in the same direction, therefore, the Big Data is, and will continue to be, a very important tool for large companies, since among such amount of information you can find answers to questions that have not even been raised, thus discovering new business opportunities or penetration in market segments.

Big Data is frequently used in market research, one of the most important areas of the marketing department of companies, through which you can precisely study this information to locate opportunities or threats to both the market and the competition, be trained with this Master Big Data is a great opportunity, since it is a position highly recognized by large companies and which is in high demand, since the information in the market today is essential, and is that the development of ICT influences that require more experts in this area.

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