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Its stores are self-service supermarkets and sales of repair products with the help of sales consultants. They are organized around four main areas: repair, construction, gardening, decoration. They also offer numerous services, different in each country, to simplify purchases, implement and control projects. To compare prices and choose the best enter the Rabato site, where you can view the catalog Bricomart and Brico Depot with the best deals that are updated every day.

In Brico Depot believe that everyone should have a home in which you can feel good, and the main goal is to make the reconstruction of the house accessible to all. They offer all customers access to the best assortments of products at everyday low prices at the best stores. In addition, they can offer customers the right products and advice to make all their projects, regardless of their complexity, become a reality.

Bricomart salespeople are more than salespeople. They are consultants who make recommendations to each buyer at the level they need. Their pre-purchase and post-purchase service offers ideas, repair advice, installation services, etc. Bricomart sales assistants receive regular training. In general, all employees begin their careers with in-store practice. Purchasing managers work with suppliers to improve their products.

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Month on month, comparable sales of Kingfisher’s business in the Iberian Peninsula reflect a 5.7% drop in February, to soar 149.1% in March and 800.2% in April, since these two months of 2020 were the most affected by closures.

At the global level, between February and April 2021, the British Kingfisher group posted a total turnover of 3,448 million pounds sterling (3,998 million euros), a figure that represents an increase of 60% compared with the revenues posted in the same quarter of the previous year.In comparable data, the year-on-year growth was 64.2%.

In the rest of the international markets, except Russia, the multinational posted revenues of 444 million pounds (515 million euros), up 9.4%, including a 12.1% drop in Poland to 281 million pounds (326 million euros) and a 67.2% increase in Romania to 72 million pounds (83 million euros), in addition to a 110.8% increase in the Iberian market.


Choosing one type of door or another depends on the finish you want, if you want it finished in a color (either white or any other) the best is a solid lacquered door or a solid natural pine door, however, if you want a finish in a natural wood or another you should stay with a classic or modern smooth door, the decision of which wood depends on several factors, of course depends on the budget you plan to spend.

Doors also completely solid with solid pine frames to give robustness to the whole structure, on these frames the hinges are screwed and the hole is made for the latch. Then they are covered with the natural wood in which you want to give the finish.

Wood of yellowish tone with visible and quite marked rings. This type of wood is easy to work with and can be painted or varnished in any color, varnish or stain. Its price is very affordable and that is why it is one of the most used woods in the manufacture of wooden doors.

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