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The Hotel Virrey de Arnedo recently presented the Virrey del Ajo Asado award, which on this occasion went to Isidoro Álvarez, president of El Corte Inglés, although it was Ángel Romo who attended the award ceremony as representative of the shopping center.

This award aims to honor people who distinguish themselves by promoting and publicizing the city of Arnedo. El Corte Inglés invested 19,505,208 euros in the purchase of food products from La Rioja and 10,311,449 euros in the footwear sector during 2009; in total, almost 30 million euros.

During the ceremony, the President of the Government of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, indicated that in 2009, El Corte Inglés offered 525 different references of food products from La Rioja, of which 223 were wines and liquors; 165, canned vegetables; 32, refrigerated and dairy products; 29 charcuterie products; and another 29, groceries.

In addition, the consumers of this large commercial network, presided by Isidoro Álvarez, can also purchase footwear from Arnedo. Calzados Hergar is the main supplier of these department stores, although other brands such as Fluchos, Market Shoes, Tecni-Shoe, Calzados Gaimo, Flor Shoes and Calzados H2O are also present.

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New addition for this season from Gaimo. Higher, yes, but you will not lose a bit of comfort. With its 8 centimeters of height are perfect for those who want to stylize more your looks, for those who opt for a daily height, for those for whom life is a party ….

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We have many more models of Gaimo espadrilles, all of them are sewn by hand, pair by pair in La Rioja thanks to the artisan tradition of this brand. This refined manufacturing process gives Gaimo slippers a great durability and a differentiating aspect compared to lesser quality brands.

All the iconic models of the brand are available for you, such as the Cury model, the Toscana model, and the Nover, in addition to dozens of models that every season this fantastic family company presents us with.

Right now, Jose Luis’ four daughters are the ones who manage the company together with their father. In the words of Jose Luis; “Gaimo is an international brand, but we are a very close family business. We work closely with our teams to keep Gaimo growing as a brand and as a company, but we always remain true to our origins.

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Because although we know that there are models that never go out of fashion and that will continue to be the lifeline for those who prefer not to risk, Paris, Milan, London and even Madrid have unveiled some trends with a daring air that will be the touch of grace, glamor and sauvage air that our outfits need.

Remember when we told you that they were a good investment for the winter sales? Well, this is exactly what we meant. After their unstoppable success, the over-the-knee boots are back stronger than ever to crown any of our looks.

They are perfect for your most winter looks, and although right now you may have clear that they are not your thing, they deserve you to give them a chance, because they can surprise you. You can wear them with jeans, leather pants, leggings…