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Job orientation

Many people I coach ask me why their Infojobs profile is visited several times and yet companies do not decide anything about it and do not contact them. It is an action that people do not understand what is going on and it is misleading.

So, we have a list of candidates where, by clicking on their name, we can see their resume or Infojobs profile. When you click on a name, that person, in their application section, will see that the resume has been read.

If, from a profile or resume of a person, I mark it to be in process or discarded, Infojobs will automatically open the next profile, so that person will see that their profile has been “read”, although it is not really true. And this happens very often. Maybe I go back to the list of candidates because I want to see the general data to decide which C.V. to visit next.

In addition, companies do not have to know that, when visiting a profile of a candidate registered for an offer, it appears to them that their profile has been read and that this “read” will be updated each time they visit that profile, seeing the person who enters and leaves their profile, but they do not decide anything.


One of the main advantages of looking for a job in Infojobs is that, unlike other job portals, the candidate can follow the status of his application live. This means that they can be informed of how the selection process is progressing, at the same time that the company is making decisions regarding the CVs received. In this sense, it is important to know the details of each of the phases that your job application goes through in Infojobs, although it is important to remember that not all of them always take place.

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If you read that status in your application, you should know that the company has already accessed the portal and is reviewing the CVs received, although not necessarily yours. Keep in mind that, normally, recruiters receive hundreds of proposals and it is logical that it takes several days to review them all.

On the other hand, day-to-day problems or complications may arise in the company that can cause the process to come to a standstill. If you do not notice this status for a while while you are following up on your application, another option is to contact the company to inquire about the process.

Infojobs companies

discarded”. How annoying that was… It stung especially when in the aforementioned little gray rectangle it appeared that my CV, at first, before being finally rejected, had received the green “Read” and, alas, another little green dot that said: “CV included in the process”. Vain hopes.

“Now, with the crisis, they can ask for whatever they want. There’s too much of everything,” they said. And resignation began to slip away from me as if a raincoat had grown on my skin against all those feelings that implied serenity and acceptance. My darkest instincts were struggling more and more every day to cover me from top to bottom and lead me to disaster.

However, my parents’ cheerful and hopeful attitude remained stubbornly firm, and even if I suspected that they were being optimistic in an impostured way, I knew that they were doing it with the noble intention of not letting me fall into discouragement.

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How to find out if you are hired after an interview

In the UK you never have to pay for a contract.    In fact, au pairs do not need a contract as there is no social security registration.    A letter issued by the family confirming the details is enough.

This girl was sent a contract on Ritz letterhead, signed by the head of human resources and a representative of their lawyers.    She was offered a net salary of over £4000 per month and a range of great benefits. Within 2 days he got an email from “British Immigratiom” with a letter on HM Revenue & Customs and Home Office letterhead asking for £310 for paperwork.

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” is the first thing we should think.    We need to be clear about what kind of salary we can aspire to and immediately be wary of offers with overly lavish or generous salaries (£7000 pounds a month and free apartment was offered to another girl to work as a cook).