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Una de las cosas que más agradezco y que más me gusta de hacer lo que hago es tener la posibilidad de conocer y probar muchos productos y servicios. A veces los resultados no son los que esperabas; pero otras descubres cosas que te sorprenden y te hacen la vida más fácil. Y no hablo de cosas trascendentales de vida o muerte. No, no necesito ir al extremo.
Hace unos meses Sonia y yo pudimos ir a Mírame Lashes & Brows, un centro exclusivo especializado en extensiones de pestañas y perfilado de cejas. Sólo hacen estas cosas; nada de peluquería, ni maquillaje, ni uñas, así que os podéis imaginar que son auténticos expertos. Además de ver el centro y su concepto pudimos hablar con Claudia, la fundadora, una persona que, a nosotros, nos pareció súper emprendedora y con una buena cabeza sobre los hombros, como se dice. Se licenció en Relaciones Públicas en la Universidad de Palermo en Buenos Aires (Argentina) y Mírame Lashes & Brows fue uno de sus proyectos finales. La verdad es que no nos sorprendió, ya que todos sabemos que las mujeres de Sudamérica dan mucha importancia a todo lo que tiene que ver con la belleza. Son grandes pioneras en este campo.

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Personalized advice is given, they talk about how to improve the eyebrow if necessary and the tools they have to achieve it. From simple grooming, to the use of serums, tinting and waxing, to eyebrow extensions that can be done with or without hair. “Since I started on my own with the treatments, many of the calls were from people who were undergoing chemotherapy treatments who wanted to improve their appearance and I have had a lot of personal satisfaction with this work because of that. That they feel better, more confident and more beautiful with this is very gratifying.”

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The Online Beauty Training Academy with more students in Europe and America.  Mírame Academy was born from the merger of the academic projects of Mírame Lashes & Brows and Holalash, which are training students in beauty since 2011. All courses have video content, pdf documents and test evaluations to corroborate the acquisition of knowledge. In addition, at the end of each course, after passing the final assignment, the student is sent the Mírame Academy diploma.
Live course Luxshine BB GlowCourse aimed at aesthetic professionals who wish to recycle in BB Glow technique or as an introductory course in the world of aesthetics. Live the experience of offering this revolutionary treatment to your clientele and take your business to the next level.
Live course Hyaluron PenThe revolutionary system to erase wrinkles. Hyaluronic pen is an innovative device that fills wrinkles and lips without the use of needles or surgery. It is a safe and natural aesthetic botox based on peptides, totally painless and fast.

Eyelash extensions barcelona

Currently Mírame already has two stores in Barcelona, one in Madrid and another in Seville, and in just a few weeks will open another space in Barcelona, which will receive the name of Maison Mírame and where customers can access exclusive and innovative treatments always oriented to the world of the look.
Maison Mírame will have 180 square meters in an emblematic location in Barcelona, on Avenida Diagonal right next to the Casa de les Punxes and two minutes from Paseo de Gracia. In addition, the brand’s offices will move to this new space.
In the agreement reached with Banco Sabadell, Mírame will be able to offer its franchisees the opening of the business from a fee of 482.38 euros per month, to be returned over a period of 60 months, which will have the status of deductible expense, will simplify the accounting and administrative management and will not affect the debt capacity, as it will be marketed in a leasing format.
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