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Welcome to the radio of the hits in reinforced confinement. Here you will find the most listened tracks of the universal house arrest. It’s a corrupt list, but at least we warned you about it.
The October 18 declaration of EH Bildu and Sortu has provoked a cascade of political reactions. The short view is directed towards the General State Budget, as Arnaldo Otegi himself has pointed out. The long view, towards a new political framework.
With the letter from the outpatient clinics of the Southeast Welfare Directorate, there are now four areas that are in rebellion against the new instructions that prevent the directors of the centers from having autonomy to decide on the doubling of shifts.
When the Fugees reunion is announced for the 25th anniversary of ‘The Score’, it is worth remembering the keys to why we are talking about the album that, within the mainstream music industry, meant a change in it and also the prelude to the idea that Outkast ended up establishing at the beginning of the new millennium: the transformation of the hip hop ethos into a new dominant pop model.

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By level of education, we find a higher percentage of podcast users (the difference is significant) among those with a higher level of education: 47% among those with a high level of education and 42% among those with a medium level of education; in contrast, the percentage of podcast consumers reaches 36% among those with a low level of education.
As for the user’s income level, there are significant differences in podcast consumption among those with a high income (48%). On the other hand, the percentage of podcast listeners among those with low incomes (43%) is higher than among those with medium incomes (39%).
It should be noted that the proportion of podcast consumers found in each country responds to a variety of socio-economic and communication factors, among which Internet penetration may also play a role. In general, Internet users in countries with lower Internet penetration are more intensive users, younger, more urban; they have a higher level of education and socioeconomic status than the country average. Perhaps this is why they listen to more podcasts, while in developed countries the Internet reaches almost the entire population. From this general consideration, it can be understood that surveys carried out in certain countries may show much higher than average data on podcast consumption.

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Several new entities appear on the Top 100 Podcast Ranker in this reporting period: Betoota Daily News Bulletin (Diamantina), It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield (Nova) and The Minds of Madness – True Crime Stories (Wondery). In addition, Stuff You Should Know (ARN/iHeartMedia) earned the No. 1 spot as the most downloaded podcast in the country in this reporting period.
As for the Top 100 Australian category, new entities such as The Betoota Advocate Podcast (Diamantina), The Marty Sheargold Show – Triple M Melbourne (SCA), and On Guard – Stories From Inside Australia’s Toughest Prisons (News Corp Australia) appear in this period. Casefile True Crime (Audioboom) remained in the #1 spot as the most downloaded Australian podcast in the country.

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In this podcast I answer two questions: If I have a new project, should I open a new Instagram account for that project or do I keep my current one; and the other question is: How can I migrate my current followers to my new account?
This week I received an email that motivated me a lot with this project that just today turns thirty editions. It’s about my daily podcast. Doing a podcast every day has brought me back to where my career started: radio.
Have you ever come across a client who keeps haggling with you or asks you a thousand times how much it will cost to advertise? Today I talk to you about the empathy we must develop to understand the natural lack of information of most of our clients and, therefore, their fear of investing in a new product or service.
This podcast will shock you. I interview my best friends. One has aphantasia and the other has hyperaphantasia. One can’t imagine and the other is a walking fountain of imagination. Without a doubt, this is one of the most fascinating podcasts I have ever done.

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