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Andrew Chen introduced the term broaden the audience in a blog post titled “Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing,” in which he defined the term and used the integration of booking website AirBnB and classifieds website Craigslist as an example. [10][11] He wrote that growth hackers “are a hybrid of marketer and programmer, searching for the answer to the traditional question: how can I get customers for my product, and answering it with: A/B testing, landing pages, viral marketing, email deliverability, and Open Graph.”[12][11] In 2012, Aaron Ginn defined a growth hack in TechCrunch as a “mindset of data, creativity, and curiosity.”[10][13]

This concept is composed of two words: growth and hacking (ability to program a creative solution to a problem using software). If this meaning is applied to online marketing, it can be defined as a strategy that will help a company achieve its goals through growth.

Growth hacking marketing

I would define growth hacking as a perfect cocktail of empathy, analytics and a bit of magic. And it is a profile that is increasingly in demand by companies and especially startups, where the lack of resources is a key point and the need to develop growth strategies (growth) with the minimum of resources and that generate the maximum impact (hack) is imperative.

► A spark of magic that makes things happen. The magic I propose here is not “getting lucky”, it is knowing how to focus and analyze that data and having the intuition to see what the next step is. Knowledge of the market, the consumer and the product are necessary for a correct management of the strategy.

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Spotify currently has 2 ways to generate money, premium accounts, which eliminate advertising and offer enhanced features. And the sale of advertising to advertisers for distribution to its nearly 100 million users. (As an author’s note, I think many of the advertisers could improve the quality of their ads in this medium).

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Growth hacking encompasses techniques and tools that, with minimal expense and effort, optimize the rapid growth of users, revenue or impacts of the organization, all revolutionizing the concepts and strategies of traditional marketing.

First of all, we will evaluate the current situation of the sector, our company and the market. We will also analyze what strategies have been carried out previously, the results achieved, the business forecasts and what areas we want to promote.

This is one of the techniques most used by startups and consists of offering a free version of the product, with limitations. In today’s technology market it is impossible to bring a new product to market without offering freemium versions.

Exclusivity sells. If we make our product exclusive and accessible only through invitations, we are talking about the technique of exclusive invitations. This technique is applied to betatesters and environments, so that they are the “chosen ones” who try the product first.

Growth hacking funnel

The most important of all and what we must always keep in mind is that we always look for the minimum use of resources so the techniques used will always have a high impact of creativity.

However, there is a fine line between the ethics of the practices used and we have to be very careful. Do you prefer 100 users obtained organically or 10,000 obtained after spamming to 10,000,000? The cost of acquiring users cannot be just anyone and we must always put the user at the center and attend to their needs. Be careful with this, it is key not to overstep this line and we have to balance between what we need and what we must do to keep our product or service healthy in terms of reputation.

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Analyze everything is key to understand if the techniques we try work or not. He is analytical but smart, looks for the key metrics and target to analyze success and knows when to throw something away or persevere.

Creativity is key for a Growth Hacker since Growth Hacking talks about looking for new formulas that make growth, therefore, if everyone does the same, our ability to grow will be limited.