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Primark ha tomado una decisión en España que ha dejado a todos sus clientes sorprendidos y muy entusiasmados. La marca de moda low cost, aclamada por sus diseños y objetos muy baratos basados en numerosas películas de éxito, ha vuelto a apostar por su fórmula mágica para atraer a los compradores.

Pero esta vez no ha decidido lanzar una nueva taza ‘Disney’ o una camiseta estampada con los personajes de ‘La Bella y la Bestia’. Esta vez ha decidido apostar todo con el universo de la saga de libros y películas de Harry Potter creando una sección completa en su tienda más grande de España para todos los fans de la magia de J.K.Rowling.

El pasado fin de semana. El gran establecimiento de Primark en plena Gran Vía de Madrid ha inaugurado en la primera planta una sección completamente tematizada de Harry Potter, creando la primera tienda de la saga temática en España. Hasta ahora, en todas las tiendas de bajo coste se podían encontrar diversos productos o colecciones, pero esta inauguración es un paso más.

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Primark knows how to succeed with a themed collection. If with Beauty and the Beast (and its well-known Chip cup) it seemed that they had eaten the fashion world, the truth is that they had only just begun. Because if there is a story that has more pull and moves more fans than the Disney princess, that is Harry Potter. That’s why the low-cost brand has launched a new collection starring the young wizard and his magical universe. And yes, we already want it all!

Nor have they left the opportunity to dress our summer nights of magical fantasy. But those of staying at home comfortably watching Harry Potter, of course. They offer us the whole pack: shorts, nightgowns, slippers and even the pillow and robe (in case you overdo it with the air conditioning)… we’ll just have to put the popcorn!

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Among the best-selling items are: the Gryffindor crest beach bag, Hermione’s snow globe, Harry Potter light set, Gryffindor house crest backpack, scented candles, sleepwear, quidditch crop tops and Dobby slippers. Which leads one to believe that, all in all, Harry Potter will be a trend setter for this season.

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Well, as if the opening of the Harry Potter exhibition in Madrid wasn’t enough excitement for its fans, Primark has just expanded its line of Harry Potter merchandise. Along with Potter-style sweatshirts and sneakers, this low-cost giant has included a series of products to turn your home into a Hogwarts School room. Take note!

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