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Las ceremonias de bodas civiles no sectarias cuestan $28. Las ceremonias se pueden realizar en la Oficina de la Sucursal del Condado Norte en Anaheim, la Oficina de la Sucursal del Condado Sur en el Centro Cívico de Laguna Hills y en el Antiguo Palacio de Justicia del Condado en Santa Ana. Una licencia de matrimonio debe ser comprada antes de la ceremonia; por favor haga clic aquí para más información sobre cómo obtener una licencia de matrimonio.  Ambos individuos deben ser capaces de leer, hablar y entender el inglés. Si no es así, la pareja debe traer un testigo que también pueda servir como traductor para que se realice la ceremonia. El departamento no ofrece servicios de traducción.

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Here are some facts about who are the best men in a wedding, the history, the characteristics they should meet and the role they will have to fulfill. You will see that you will discover many interesting aspects that you did not know.

The best men, groomsmen or gentlemen of honor have always had a very important role, although over time their functions have changed substantially. In ancient times, the best men were friends or relatives who helped the groom to kidnap the bride and then marry her. As it is to be expected, this was very unpleasant for the bride’s family, who usually opposed this type of operation, so confrontations were to be expected and it was at that time when the so-called “knights of honor” helped to protect the groom. That is, one of the first functions of the best men was to serve as a personal escort to the groom.

Later, the knights of honor became only witnesses of the wedding and, in modern times, perform functions similar to the bridesmaids, helping the bride and groom in matters relating to the organization of the wedding. And, of course, this includes the groom’s bachelor party.

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In this post we will help you discover those shades of white in wedding dresses, whether classic, modern or sexy, so you can decide on the one you like the most and fits your tastes and preferences. Take note!

It is a radiant white without that bluish tinge and related to the virgin snow, it is easy for you to identify it. It is the color of choice for nostalgic brides who love pure white, although it is still an unpopular shade.

One notch above the previous one, ecru is the color used by 90% of brides today. It is the natural color of silk before undergoing the dyeing process. An elegant off-white that is more natural and flattering than the previous ones. Don’t miss the princess cut wedding dresses 2021.

Similar in intensity to ecru but with a soft gray undertone instead of vanilla, the pearl color is usually chosen by “mature” brides than by young brides. It is difficult to find but it is an elegant and very subtle shade, and is gaining more and more brides because it expresses the character and strong personality of the bride who wears it.

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